I think I’m having a legitimate heart attack.

I AM GOING TO MEET HANNAH!!!  (and grace and mamrie obvs!)

holy shit…

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    yay!!!! :D
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  3. eagleeye-127 said: Has this actually been confirmed ? I really want to get tickets but I don’t want to get my hopes up in case it’s a mistake ? :/
  4. gaypeach said: take me w/ youuu
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  6. deppilicous said: WHAT? How did I not know they’re doing a Dublin show?! I legit might cry
  7. party-raisman said: me too! would it be getting my hopes up to think that this show is gonna be super intimate aka after show drinks etc cos they are gonna be in DUBLIN they will certainly be going for drinks after the show omg im freaking out here
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